Telephone wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you! If you are interested in helping us accomplish our mission, please consider making a donation of any size at Telephone’s Ko-Fi page.

We are grateful to all of our generous supporters including, but not limited to:

New York State Council on the Arts

The Puffin Foundation, Ltd


New York Foundation for the Arts

Foundation for Contemporary Arts

New Yorkers for Culture and Arts Grant

Reclamation Impact Ventures Grant

Town of Los Gatos

NYU Center for Disability Studies

Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation

Britt Hatzius (Vision Inclusive)

Dr. Elise S. Sobol

Mary Ann Oughtred

Thank you to our community partner, Voyager Craft Coffee! Voyager is a Bay Area, California coffee shop that sources, roasts, brews, and serves some of the best coffee on this green Earth.
Donate up a minimum of $5 to Telephone Film on Ko-Fi and head to a Voyager location to claim your free drip coffee. Dark Room Adorned Bracelets are also available for sale at Voyager locations.

Thanks Voyager for your support of disability justice and arts access!

 Black and white logo featuring a drawn puffin and with text underneath reading "The Puffin Foundation, Ltd."
Image description: Black and white logo featuring a drawn puffin, with text reading “The Puffin Foundation, Ltd.”